Our Project

We are "ART UnderNFT" and we want to support artists and charities. We want to create a community of people who love physical and digital art to get to know various artists who can offer works of art delivered both physically and digitally, and we will donate 10% of the profit to various humanitarian associations, and 5-10% of the proceeds will be redistributed to the community.

The launched SFT collections will have a design conceived and created entirely by the artists we collaborate with. Each series of SFT tickets will be unique and useful as you will read further.


We want this community to grow as beautiful as possible and to love this project in order to be able to support other communities as well.

Benefits for SFT holders:

  1. Digital or physical prizes (example: a portrait, a cartoon, a landscape, advance access to a video or tickets to a certain concert depending on the purchased SFT series);

  2. 5-10% of the total value obtained from the SFT of each round will be redistributed to the community in the form of prizes.

The two prizes will be distributed through MINT, and the lucky ones who receive "Golden SFT" or "Silver SFT" will receive at the end of the MINT rewards in Egold;

  1. 10% of the total proceeds from the sale of SFT will be distributed to charities;

  2. In the future, all SFT or NFT owners in our collections will be eligible for many more surprises.

The owners of NFT from the "Octropolis" collection will have the chance to receive an SFT "ART UnderNFT" at each launched collection.


Our first listed collection is "Octropolis", and for those who supported us by purchasing at least one NFT we will offer the chance to own an SFT from each collection we launch.

At each release of SFT one will be distributed to the owners of "Octropolis" after a random selection.

The lucky ones who will receive SFT will have the same benefits as the people who buy them.

Owners of "Octropolis" will receive rewards in Lkmex distributed monthly starting with the first week after the MINT of the last NFT in the collection. 40% of the Lkmex value that we will mine weekly will be distributed to the owners of the collection. The total of 40% will be divided and distributed equally to all owners of "Octropolis" the only condition is:

NFT must not be put on sale when we select the wallets (more NFT = higher rewards).

The campaign begins with the end of the MINT.


  • 0.1 EGLD until the announcement of the collaboration

  • 0.3 EGLD until the half of the MINT

  • 0.5 EGLD by the end of the MINT



  1. Launch "Octropolis"

  2. Community giveaway with NFT awards

  3. LKmex mining start

  4. Partner announcement

  5. Announcing the utilities of the "Art UnderNFT" and "Octropolis" project

  6. Community growth

  7. Promoting the first artist in collaboration with "Art UnderNFT"

  8. Launch of the first SFT series


  1. Community giveaway with NFT awards

  2. Promoting at least 2 artists

  3. Launch of at least 2 SFT series

  4. Start distributing donations to humanitarian associations


  1. Promoting at least 5 artists

  2. Start of distribution of LKmex from the "Octropolis" project

to be continued...